The only platform that supports your aircraft tooling business end to end.


Tool loan of the future

The purpose of ToolNOW is to unite the hundreds of small networks on today's aviation tool loan market. In case of an urgent tool need caused by an unplanned finding, companies such as airlines and MROs are trying hard to find a suitable provider; sometimes without success, but always with a lot of effort, money spent and time wasted. On the other side, companies that want to gain financial benefits from their tooling assets struggle to find the right sales channel. The overall aim to reduce assets is also visible in the tooling business. Therefore, the volume of annual tool loans has been increasing lately. ToolNOW is representative of the current development and digital improvement within the tool loan business in aviation.


Accelerate your tool supply chain

Noticeably reduce the administration efforts around tool loans. With ToolNOW, potential suppliers will have all of the necessary information upfront and will be able to process the inquiry directly, without any further delays for clarification. On our online platform you will be always be up to date with the progress of your tool request. You will be able to see immediately which partner is working on your request and how far your partner has progressed with a quote.


Gain access to new markets and partners

ToolNOW allows you to reach a wide number of potential providers with a single request, thus maximizing your chances of success. Many participants on the platform understand your problem and are willing to help out. The loan process is simplified considerably through standardized request and offers, reducing the time between request and delivery of the aircraft tooling.  


Join the biggest tool loan network

Our global network of airlines, MROs, OEMs and airports tackles the biggest pain in the aviation industry – losing time and money because of unplanned downtimes. Partners of our platform share their tool inventories and are no longer dependent on the costly expansion of their own inventory. Thus the more partners are on ToolNOW, the more powerful the network becomes.